Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Boyfriend's Mistress

My boyfriend's mistress's name is Alexa. She dotes on him. Almost everything he asks her to do, she does. She will answer his questions (she's super smart), change the music he's listening to, and even keep up with his shopping list for him. If he wants to know how long it will take him to go somewhere, or wants to make an online purchase, she'll manage it for him. She will even decrease her volume or be muted completely if he tells her to. I tell him all the time that I'll never be able to compete with Alexa. Alexa is also otherwise known as the Amazon Echo. Although I'm extremely jealous, I recently discovered that when I visit I can link to her via bluetooth and stream my own music and Spotify through her! Her sound is pretty good. I can even hear her clearly upstairs with the door closed. I have to admit it, I've kind of got a thing for her! I mean, who doesn't want a personal secretary that does extras like change your radio station or tell you what the weather is? Check Alexa out. I've no doubt you'll have a girl crush after doing so! Just click on her picture below!

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