Friday, December 28, 2012

10 Cents off 20 gallons of GAS!!!

 BP Logo 

***** Charlotte and Milwaukee only at this time but program is expanding so check back often *****

BP Pump Rewards is an incredible deal! It is free to sign up and as soon as you register your BP Pump Reward gas card, you will get 10 cents off your next 20 gallons of gas!!!

Here is how it works: Look for the card at your local BP gas station. Access the website on the back of the card to register your card. You will automatically get 10 cents off the next time you swipe your card at the pump and chose to use your rewards.

To gain more rewards, you must swipe your card before pumping gas. Each time you pump 20 gallons of gas (must do so in a minimum of 2 purchases), you will earn 5 cent off a gallon for 20 gallons.

Check out the links below for full information.



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