Thursday, October 27, 2011

FREE: ADHD Awerness Expo Resources

Online ADHD Awareness Expo

We are now at the end of ADHD Awareness Week. This past week there were events taking place all over the world to spread awareness of ADHD and to help those affected by ADHD improve their lives. Today is officially the last day of the ADHD Awarness Expo. It's been an amazing event! People have been connecting all week with resources, strategies and each other! The ADHD Awareness Expotruly been an international event. As of today we welcomed attendees from 36 different countriesacross the globe. 

As I said before, this is officially the last day of theADHD Awareness Expo. I know for many different reason people may not have been able to registerthis past week I know how important it is for people affected by ADHD to have access to help! This is why I have decided to keep the doors of the ADHD Awareness Expo open until the end of October.

If you register for the FREE online event by October 31, 2011 you will be able to access the 20 videosfrom leading ADHD Experts who offered some of their best tips and strategies. You will also have access to the Online Exhibit hall where you can browse various products and services.

We will also be keeping both the Forum and the Chat Room open until October 31, 2011. Our attendees have been raving about the chat room and about thelife changing connections that have been making this week. Due to popular demand we will keep them both open for the rest of this month.

If you were away this past week or too busy with your own ADHD Awareness Week activities you still have the chance to attend this incredible life changing event. Register Now to attend the ADHD Awareness Expo.

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