Monday, September 26, 2011

Food Lion Cat Food Deals

Have you checked out the Food Lion deals this week? They are offering cash back (in form of Catalina) when you purchase their Home360 Brands. Here is a comment that was posted on regarding flipping the catalinas for future purchases.

"What I did: I needed wet cat food and went with the home store 360 brand because they are giving the catalinas for cash for number of store brand items bought. I started with the 20 cans for 8.00 and change, then went back to get 13 more cans with the free catalinas, then got more free catalinas each time I went back. I think I did 6 or 7 total turnaround trips with a very understanding cashier who held my purchases at his register. The store wasn't busy. All in all I got 53 cans of cat food for around 10.00 ( because I paid tax with each purchase) , bottom line 53 cans cat food for 19 cents apiece! Happy day! My cats are finicky, too. They love this cat food."

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