Monday, July 11, 2011

Food Lion Adventure

OK, so todays' trip to Food Lion wasn't really an "Adventure". I was only going to get the featured "Meal Deal" for dinner since I hadn't gotten my grocery shopping done yet. The "Meal Deal" this week consisted of the following:

Purchase 2 Palermo Pizza's at $6.99 each and get for FREE a Mrs T's Pierogies, Tysons Anytizers, Coles Cheesesticks, and Otis Spunkmeyer cookies (eating these now and are they YUMMY). Coupons are available which got me another $2.50 off. Not a bad deal for enough food to feed my family of 5 (includes a teenage boy).

While there, I decided to check out any clearance meats. I often buy meats when marked down and then freeze them. I've heard some horror stories from others about buying clearance meats, but I've always done well with getting them from my local Food Lion. Today I got the following items on clearance:

(2) Oscar Meyer Turkey and Cheddar Sub Sandwiches
(3) Oscar Meyer Deli Creations Mesquite Turkey Breast
1.3 lb Boneless Cubed Beef (Stew Beef)
2.36 lb Sirloin Tip Roast
(2) Hillshire Farm Turkey Polska Kielbasa
(1) Land of Frost Oven Smoked Chicken Breast

Total: $22.26   (this was total before any coupons)

I could have gotten a better deal if I'd had my coupons with me, but decided to go ahead and get these while I was there. I froze all of it, including the Turkey and Cheddar subs. I usually keep Lunchables and similar instant lunch items in the freezer as I've found they are great to take when we have to go on all day trips. They thaw by lunch and the kids love 'em!

Overall, I love that I can get my meats at my local Food Lion. I also love the always convienant "Meal Deals" that Food Lion offers! They are great on the nights I haven't gone grocery shopping yet and don't feel like cooking!

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