Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Children's Claritin Chewables

As a BzzAgent, I was recently given a sample of Children's Claritin Chewables to try. The timing was perfect since my youngest son had just started being bothered with allergies this spring.

Normally I try to avoid all artificial dyes in medications due to our son's sensitivity to them, but decided to give this product a try to see how he did. The Claritin Chewable improved his allergy symptoms the first day he took it! It took about three consecutive days before his allergy symptoms cleared up completely. He no longer had a runny nose, wheezing when breathing (he's asthmatic), or itchy eyes! He even said his throat quit "itching".

I had no problem getting our son (who is 5 years old) to take the Claritin Chewables daily. He loved the taste and didn't complain about the texture of the medication (which is an usual complaint for him). Although I was worried about the medication causing hyperactivity, I actually think he was calmer. I believe this was due to the relief of his allergy symptoms.

I recommend using the Claritin Chewables for your children. It is effective, easy to find at a variety of locations, and it taste great (per my 5 year old).

The first three people to comment will receive a coupon for $3 off Claritin Children's Chewables. The rest of you can go to the Claritin Facebook page and click on the coupon link on the right side of the page for a $2 coupon.

As a BzzAgent I was given the product to try and the coupons to give to others.

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