Monday, April 11, 2011

50% off Sale!! is having a 50% off sale. Haven't used Alice before? offers competitive prices on items you need for your home such as cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, and more. The items are delivered straight to your door and shipping is always FREE. You can even find items that are difficult to find elsewhere, like Washing Soda (what grandma used for laundry detergent and has tons of uses). If you sign up HERE, you'll get $10 off once you've ordered $50 worth of items. You do not have to order the $50 all at once either. Instead, keeps track of how much you've spent and when you've spent a total of $50, they'll deduct the $10! Also, don't panic when you see an extra bag in your purchase.....Alice loves to send samples and freebies!!

A special thanks to everyone for being so understanding in my absence. We've just purchased a new home and moving is taking most of my time!! 

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