Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whats In Your Food?? Find out at

I stumbled across a wonderful website today called   By entering a food or beverage, you get back a "health" score. It will tell you the good qualities ("high in protein") and the negative qualities ("contains controversial ingredients"). In addition, each item has the Weight Watchers score on it.

I also love that the website offers you the ability to compare up to three different items. This will allow me to look at the 3 peanut butter brands we use and determine which is healthiest! However, I could not get the compare option to work. I was using Firefox and have not tried it in Internet Explorer yet, so this could be the issue.

Regardless, this is a wonderful supplement to aide you in planning your weekly menus. It will also make a good tool to use when getting your coupons together and determining which ones you'd like to print and keep.

I think that you will find an easy and quick way to determine just how healthy you and your family are eating.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter also! is FREE to use.

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