Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GlutenFree Honey Nut Chex Review

I signed up with General Mills Pssst. The very first thing I received was a full size box of Honey Nut Chex Cereal. Now, for thsoe of you that know me, I'm very very picky about food. Yet, I always attempt to try new things presented to me. Well, I opened the box and decided to try a handful dry. I must say, I was surprised. Here was a gluten free cereal with true flavor. I could taste the honey nut flavor the cereal had. The Chex itself is a light crunchy cereal without that weighted down, heavy taste some cereals have. I sat down at my desk to get some work done, munching on the Honey Nut Chex while working.

I fully intended to eat a bowl of the Honey Nut Chex with milk. The children came home and spotted the "new" cereal. They asked to try it. I passed the box over to them and told them to go to the kitchen to get themselves a bowl. Granted, I said "a" bowl, but I think the "a" got lost in translation somehow! (or else it was the children's selective amnesia sinking in) Either way, when I went to make me a bowl, all the Honey Nut Chex were gone! However, the children loved it and have asked for me to purchase it again.

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Mrs. Monnock said...

Gotta love free stuff

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