Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where I've been and what I'm thinking.......

Well, I'm guessing some of you are wondering why my posts suddenly stopped. It was due to a cyst on my ovary that was in the process of rupturing. Yes, it hurts as much as it sounds like it does. I'm recovering well, just a tad bit sore but otherwise good. 

However, during the time I was away from my blog, I got to thinking. I follow several deal blogs and noticed that they all have one thing in common. They copy each other's deals. You'll see a deal pop up on one site and within an hour it's posted on all the sites! Granted, I would copy an occasional blog (with credit to who I got it from) if I found it interesting or something I thought was great, but ultimately I got sick and tired of seeing the same post over and over again! 

So, I'm keeping this blog, but revamping it. I'll be creating a second page on my blog that has a list of daily deal sites. These are the sites that, once you sign up for them free, you can get the deals they post. The deals are available only for a limited time and in limited quantity. 

I'll also be posting deals that I find that I doubt are found in the mainstream. I'm not going to search to see if it exists first, so please don't bother with emails or comments telling me who else you saw it from. These deals will range from freebies, to good deals, to sites some of you need to know about. 

I'll also be creating a page on education links. These will be free pages that parents can use to further education of their child. These will not be catered to any specific type of education but rather will encompass all possible subjects, all possible grades, and all possible types of schools. That said, they will most likely be linked closely to my own homeschool and the grades and subjects of my children. 

I will continue to post coupons and coupon codes as I find them, but am not going to be posting specific information on where to find coupons. There are websites that do this so much better then I ever could. You'll be able to go to a page on my blog to link to these sites. 

I will post my shopping adventures at times when I feel others can benefit from the great deals. However, most of these deals will be regional as the majority of my best finds are clearance items, which vary by store. 

My blog is going to be changing. However, if you are a homeschooling parent, live in North Carolina, enjoy finding deals on electronics, like free electronic books, use store specific coupons, and enjoy saving money, this is still the blog for you! 

The next week or so this blog will be under construction. So, though many deals won't be posted, it will streamline you in your search to find deals that relate to you and your family! Keep checking back because it won't be long before you start seeing better then ever deals and freebies! 

I believe that by narrowing down the fields I am focusing on, I'll be able to bring you better deals that apply more directly to your life! I look forward to our new journey together.

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