Saturday, February 26, 2011

Opinion Outpost Survey

I've always dreaded online surveys. Yet, recently I signed up for Opinion Outpost and have been quite pleased. Opinion Outpost is quick to let you know if you don't qualify for a survey (versus spending 5 minutes and then being told like some sites do). If you don't qualify, you are still given the opportunity to donate to charity, enter a sweepstakes, or try an instant win game.

The formats of the surveys are much easier then some others I've tried. You don't get large grids with all the same colors where you can't really tell if you checked the box or not! Ease of taking surveys and navigating the website is very easy. 

I've been with Opinion Outpost for about 3 weeks now and already have enough points to get $10 worth of gift cards from I plan to hold out a few more weeks so that I can opt for the check for $20.

I have not redeemed any points/cash at this point in time but will let you know as soon as I do. At this point in time, I highly recommend Opinion Outpost! Sign up HERE today!

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