Friday, February 4, 2011

$105 worth of electronics for only $19.98 (iPod dock, wireless speakers, bluetooth)

This deal scenario is for an Excalibur iPod dock with wireless speakers
and a Samsung Bluetooth

 ....all for only $19.98.

First, follow the link to Tiger Direct. You'll notice at the top of the page it offers you an automatic discount of $10 off $100 purchase. (this link will work for any product combination over $100)

Next, add the following items to your cart.

Excalibur iPod dock  $79.99
Samsung Bluetooth for $24.99

Go to your cart (top right corner). You will see the $10 discount. 

Click to "Proceed to Secure Checkout"

Scroll down to section number 4. Enter coupon code:  BSS19360
This will deduct $50 from your order dropping it down to $44.98

Now, checkout with Google checkout to get an additional $5 off
This will drop your orderto $39.98

Subtract the $20 you will get with the mail in rebate on the bluetooth and your total is :


Not to bad for over $100 worth of stuff huh?


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