Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Adventure ($197.59 for only $97.58)

So, here is everything I got today at Food Lion. Typically, this is not the types of food our family would buy. You'd be seeing generic brands, no instant or frozen foods, and surely not bags of Tyson chicken. But, since we've started using coupons, we've been able to buy things we really like. My husband loves the Toaster Strudels (which we've bought once in the year we've been married). The kids love the Chef Boyardee and the AquaPods (Aqua Pods were free). As for me, I'm addicted to those Lean Cuisines that costed me an entire 88 cents!!

So, I'm going to try my best to lay out the coupons below so that you can get the same sales at Food Lion this week. Remember, some Food Lions have different sales then others, so check your sale paper! I do not remember where I got all my coupons from, but will do what I can to send you links.

Remember, if you are local, I'm giving free coupon courses! I'm planning on providing a free internet course, but it'll take me a while to get it all together.

Enjoy your sales this week. Today I left with a $99.91 savings. I shopped for an hour (with a husband and son that kept goofing off). So, that's like making a hundred bucks an hour!! You can do it to (and better then me also).

 Special K Cereal      Coupons B1G1 Free  ALSO with the purchase of 4 Special K products at Food Lion this week, you get a gallon of Smart Start Orange Juice for Free

Deer Park AquaPods   Coupon for $1 off  =  FREE

Ronzini Pasta: Coupon

As I run across more coupons, I'll post them. As usual, don't forget to check out Southern Saver's Food Lion sale page this week HERE

Toaster Strudel Coupon for $1 off 2

V8 Fushion+Tea  Coupon for $1 off each    V8 Splash Coupon and V8 on same link

Wheaties Fuel Coupon for $0.75 cent off

Tyson Chicken: Found $1 off coupons at Lowes Grocery. They were located on cardboard display near freezer section. All coupons were colored blue.

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