Wednesday, January 26, 2011

$5 Credit at Thred Up

 So, I usually don't get so excited about a shopping website but I love the idea of this one. This is a clothing swap for children's clothing. 

If you want to send clothing, you merely pack them in the boxes provided to you for free, list the on the site and wait for someone to pick your box. Once they do, you are alerted by email and you print the shipping label straight from the website (no special paper or printer required). You can have the Post Office pick up the box at your home, or you can drop it off at your post office, whichever you chose. 

See a box you like? Select it! All you pay is $5 per box plus shipping (currently $10.95) per box. I looked through several boxes of clothing for my 14 year old and I come out spending less getting gently used clothing from ThredUP then I would from Goodwill. Plus, I don't have to spend money on gas or spend a lot of time lugging kids back and forth to a store! 

Worried about the quality of what you'll get. ThredUP allows users to review what they received. So, each person on ThredUP has a star rating! This gives you security in knowing you'll only get good quality stuff. 

So, want to check it out? Sign up at ThredUP today and get a $5 credit (that's a free box and you only have to pay shipping). 

Just FYI, I have not gotten anything free from ThredUp, was not asked to offer a review, and in no way have had any contact with them except to sign up and start using their service. I just think it's an awesome idea, it saves me time and money, and I'm all about sharing that!!! 

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