Thursday, January 20, 2011

$20 Amazon for $10 PLUS 280 SwagBucks

You know that awesome deal that's been kicking around the last few days? The deal where you pay $10and get a $20 Amazon Card?? Well, now you can earn 280 Swagbucks when you purchase it!! 

Don't know what Swagbucks is?? Sign up here: Swagbucks

To find offer:
Click on  "Daily Deals" under "Quick Links" on the Swagbucks homepage.
Then, look for the "Living Social" offer with the Amazon Gift Card.
If you do not see it, then click on any other "Living Social" offer and you will probably see it under "Nearby Deals".
If you don't have any "Living Social" offers available in your area, then unfortunately you will not be able to take advantage of the opportunity to earn the 280 Swag Bucks.

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