Friday, December 17, 2010

Adventure 1

I didn't get to go to both stores I planned. We saw that SavALot had finally opened and ran in there. They have Ritz crackers at a great price and I know somewhere I found a coupon for that! Anyway, I went to Ingles and here is what I got. 

Muellers Pasta   On Sale Price: $1   Coupon for $1 off   =   FREE  (Printer let me print multiples so got 5)
Stonyfield Yogurt 3 for $1.80 with coupon for 50 cents off. This coupon, per Ingles Double Coupon policy,                   was doubled. So, 3 Stonyfield Yogurts for 80 cent!!! 
Betty Crocker Box Potatoes  On Sale for $1. Coupon  55 cent off = 1 box for 45 cent
Muir Glen Tomato Sauce Sale Price $1.33  Coupon $1 off =  33 cent

So:         5 boxes Mueller Pasta    = $0
         1 box Betty Crocker Potatoes  = $0.45
         1 can Muir Glen Tomato Sauce   = $0.33
         3 Stonyfield Yogurt    = $0.80 

Total   :  $1.58  

Not to shabby for first time trip!!! Other sale items that are good without coupons are 5lb bags of apples for $2.50 and Polaner All Fruit for $1.88   

I'm looking forward to my trip tomorrow at Food Lion!! 

For information concerning the deals above, go to the Southern Savers here

Note: Southern Savers states the coupon for Muellers was $1 off 2 items....but when I signed up it gave me $1 off one!!!

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